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    "Asesoramiento tècnico para la implementaciòn adecuaciòn del àrea de producciòn y almacenamiento de alimentos balanceados e insumos del Centro Experimental 2 de la Facultad de Ciencias Veterinarias de la Universidad Tècnica de Manabì fase 1".
    (Carrera de Medicina Veterinaria, 2022-03-18) Mieles Garcia Jonathan Fernando. ; Vèliz Santana Juletsy Maite.
    One of the factors that limits the exploitation of the different species of animals that are kept in the Experimental Center of the Faculty of Veterinary Sciences of the Technical University of Manabí, located in the Parish of Lodana, is the lack of adequate infrastructure and equipment. for the production and storage of balanced foods. The following degree work under the Community Project modality aimed to carry out the “Technical advice for the implementation and adaptation of the balanced food and supplies storage area of the experimental center 2 of the Faculty of Veterinary Sciences Phase 1. For the development of the work, the diagnosis of the area was carried out using the documentary-practical technique. The adaptations and requirements in equipment in the area. The intervention was designed with the Logical Framework methodology. The execution of the planned tasks made it possible to provide essential tools for the production and storage of balanced feed. These constructive actions and the acquisition of necessary equipment will guarantee the elaboration of balanced foods necessary for the maintenance of the different species of animals in exploitation in the Experimental Center and facilitate the work of the teachers, the practical activities and the various research and linkage tasks.
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    "Efecto de la suplementaciòn dietaria con harina de tomate (Solanum lycopersicum )sobre el desempeño productivo,paràmetros bioquìmicos y morfologìa intestinal de pollos de engorde".
    (Carrera de Medicina Veterinaria, 2021-09-10) Arteaga Solòrzano Josè Gregorio
    Tomato flour supplementation (TF) was evaluated on the productive performance, glycemia, lipid profile, and intestinal morphology of 300 Cobb 500 chickens, randomly distributed at 28 days of age in six treatments (T1, T2, T3, T4, T5, and T6), generated by combining the factors: sex (S) and TF dose (0%, 1%, and 2%). The results were analyzed to by analysis of variance (ANOVA), using one design completely random whit 2x3 factorial arrangement or the non-parametric Kruskal-Wallis test when normality was not observed in the treatments. The S x TF interaction determined that the final weight (FW) and weight gain (GW) of all the birds at day 42 was higher (P<0.05) in male chickens supplemented with 1% TF (T1). There was no differences between treatments regarding feed intake (P>0.05), although feed conversion (CF) was lower in the supplemented with 1% TF (P=0.006). The slaughter weight (SW) obtained from a sample of ten birds per treatment (two per repetition) was higher in male birds supplemented with 1% TF, in relation to non-supplemented birds (P<0.05), no observed differences for the weight and performance in the carcass (P>0.05). The relative weight (RW) of abdominal fat was higher in females and the RW of intestines, in males (P<0.05); RW of proventriculus, ventricle, and the sum of both was lower in the treatments supplemented with TF ( P<0.05); intake TF did not affect the serum glucose (GLU), total cholesterol (TC), high-density lipoproteins (HDL-c), lipoproteins, low-density (LDL-c), while for to interaction S x TF established a lower-level and high-level of triacylglycerol (TAG) for T1 and T5, respectively. There were no differences between treatments for the HDL-c/LDL-c ratio, although the CT/HDL-c ratio was lower in females (P<0.05). The length of the duodenal villi was greater when supplementing with 1% TF (P<0.001); The S x HT interaction established that the villi length: crypt depth ratio on duoden was higher in T5 and T2 (P<0.05), while this ratio was higher in jejunal crypts with 2% TF (P<0.038). It is concluded that supplementation with 1% TF improves FW, WG, CF, and SW in male chickens, without modifying the characteristics of the carcass, supplementation with TF reduced the RW of the proventriculus and ventricle, and the supply of TF got better morphometry of the villi of the duodenum and jejunum, without modifying GLU levels and lipid profile, except TG concentration in females chickens.
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    "Implementaciòn de un tanque de enfriamiento de leche para la ordeñadora mecànica bovinos en el Centro Experimental de Medicina Veterinaria".
    (Carrera de Medicina Veterinaria, 2022-02-02) Galarza Chilàn Cindy Vanessa ; Koppel Moreira Sonia Marìa
    The present work was developed in the production area of the Faculty of Veterinary Sciences and its objective is to provide technical advice on the implementation of a milk cooling tank for the mechanical bovine milking machine at the Experimental Center of Veterinary Medicine. This equipment contributes to the conservation of the milk at low temperature after being milked until it can be removed for distribution. This community work modality project was carried out in six months, among which they served to observe the absence of this equipment where it was possible to verify as a result how essential its acquisition means for the preservation of the quality of the milk and, therefore, prevent bacterial growth. Likewise, we can conclude that this equipment is very useful within a livestock production that manages the milking system and in turn of great contribution to provide the community with milk of high nutritional quality. Finally, it is recommended to acquire a device that measures mastitis, which is a detector that quantifies the alterations in the electrical resistance of milk due to the development of subclinical inflammation in its earliest, visually undetectable state.
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    "Implementaciòn de equipos para la realizaciòn de la tècnica de reacciòn en cadena de la polimerasa en el laboratorio de Leptospira de la Facultad de Ciencias Veterinarias".
    (Carrera de Medicina Veterinaria, 2022-03-10) Zamora Arteaga Jessica Liceth ; Soriano Roca Galo Daniel
    The present work in the Community Development modality consisted of the implementation of equipment for the leptospira laboratory that is located in the Santa Ana cantón, Lodana parish in the Veterinary Sciences laboratory of the Technical University of Manabí, the project had as purpose to provide laboratory equipment to perform molecular studies through conventional Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) with greater sensitivity to diagnose pathogens of clinical importance. Leptospirosis is considered a worldwide zoonosis that is transmitted to humans by contact with infected animals, so it is necessary to identify and diagnose it using techniques with greater sensitivity and specificity, which is accomplished by means of the PCR technique. Due to the lack of such equipment in the area of leptospira, the realization of the project was put into practice; in addition to that it served for other undergraduate and graduate students to initiate research projects in this area. A thermocycler for 96 samples and an electrophoresis chamber with an external source were purchased, making it possible to advance in molecular techniques in this area of leptospira. In addition, it was possible to carry out a practice with the equipment from 20 DNA samples from bovines of the animal production department, obtaining negative results in the analyzed samples, which allowed knowing its operation.
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    "Identificaciòn de leptospira SSP mètodos diagnòsticos directos e indirectos asociadas a las caracterìsticas individuales de los cerdos del centro de faenamiento municipal Portoviejo".
    (Carrera de Medicina Veterinaria, 2021-12-03) Llumiquinga Pilay Marjorie Rocìo. ; Mendoza Pazmiño Cristhian Alexander.
    Leptospirosis is considered a re-emerging disease, of worldwide distribution caused by bacteria of the genus Leptospira spp. It affects domestic animals; rodents and humans, whose organs most affected are the kidneys and the genital tract. The present research aimed to identify the presence of Leptospira by direct and indirect diagnostic methods, in pigs from the Portoviejo Municipal Slaughter Center, evaluating the individual characteristics associated with positivity to the two diagnostic tests, the methodology used was a systematic random sampling during the months of January, February and March of the year 2021; Among the results found, a prevalence of 10.3% of exposure to Leptospira was observed through the Microscopic Agglutination Test (MAT) composed of a diagnostic battery of 5 serovars (Sejroe, Tarassovi, Hardjo, Bataviae and Wolffii) and 47.68% prevalence of leptospira infection using Dark Field Microscopy (DFM), it was possible to identify the non-existence of association between positivity both to serology and to dark field with the individual characteristics evaluated (sex and origin of the animals slaughtered), with these results we can indicate that leptospira is distributed in the same way in pigs of different localities and sex of the country that are slaughtered in the CFMP. Besides, it is recommended to promote the execution of laboratory tests on the animals, at the farm and farm level in order to determine the prevalence of animals exposed and / or infected with Leptospira ssp and establish the risks for both the animal population and health public.